" You cannot depend on you eyes when your imagination is out of focus"
--Mark Twain.

​​Alers and Associates Ltd., is your best choice for NI 43-101 Technical Report preparation because instead of simply providing an engineering report, Alers and Associates Ltd. has the geologic experience and independent judgement necessary to properly evaluate a historic mining property and quickly determine the appropriate exploration technique to ultimately expand a Historic Mineral Resource to a NI 43-101 compliant Proven and Probable Mineral Resource or Reserve.

Alers and Associates Ltd., has a proven track record of discovery developed from over 35 years of boots-on-the-ground experience as a Exploration Geologist with Homestake Mining Company, Anaconda Minerals, American Copper and Nickel Co, Echo Bay Exploration and a slew of other Junior Mining Companies all across the Western United States, British Colombia, Brazil and Argentina.

Alers and Associates Ltd., has extensive experience in all aspects of exploration for High and Low Sulfidation Epithermal Vein, Porphyry, Skarn, Carlin-Type  and Metamophosed Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide related gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, rare earth element, iron, and uranium mineral deposits.

The success of Alers and Associates Ltd., stems from definition of the paragenetic stages, specific structural controls and fractal geometry of Epithermal Vein Deposits and Metamorphosed Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide Deposits.

Alers and Associates Ltd. offers a less expensive Preliminary Project Evaluation Report that is intended to organize all the previous exploration work into one coherent report and provide a meaningful cost estimate for a fully compliant NI 43-101 Technical Report.

Exploration programs managed by Alers and Associates Ltd. have maintained a spotless environmental record with private land owners, Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, State and local regulatory agencies and is licensed to author and manage toxic mine water permits and Discharge Monitoring Reports with a current Colorado Class A Industrial Wastewater Operator Certification.

Principle Geologist

Brian K. Alers

CPG-11488, WYPG-2951
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