A​l​ers and Associates Ltd.

Mine Evaluation, Exploration and Permitting Services

Brian K. Alers

Geologist of Mines

CPG-11488, WYPG-2951

P.O. Box 775

 Nederland CO USA 80466

303 258-7242, 720 442 6013



- NI 43-101 Technical Reports         - Consulting Geologist        

- Cost Effective Ore Finding            - Permitting

- Toxic Mine Water Treatment         - Project Management              

- Land Status Research                      - Claim Staking

Alers and Associates Ltd. has over 35 years of gold, silver, copper, zinc, iron, uranium, and rare earth element exploration experience in the western United States, British Colombia, Brazil and Argentina and is the best choice for NI 43-101 Technical Report preparation because instead of simply providing an engineering report, Alers and Associates Ltd. has the insight needed to recognize the real-life exploration potential of any type of mine or prospect, Years of boots-on-the-ground experience accumulated while working for Homestake Mining Company, Anaconda Minerals, American Copper and Nickel Co, and Echo Bay Exploration has provided the advanced field skills needed to run a successful exploration program and find ore. Alers and Associates Ltd. has the experience to wade through mountains of historic paperwork and quickly determine the appropriate exploration approach to properly evaluate a historic mineral resource and ultimately expand the resource to a NI 43-101 compliant proven mineral reserve. Exploration programs managed by Alers and Associates Ltd. maintain a spotless environmental record and is licensed in Colorado to manage toxic mine water discharge clean-up during exploration activities (current Class A Industrial Wastewater Operator Certification).

​​Over the years, Brian Alers has developed the unique observational skills, abstract thinking and independent judgment needed to see what everybody has seen, but think what nobody else has thought.

" You cannot depend on you eyes

when your imagination is out of focus"

--Mark Twain